What Does a Realtor Actually Do For You As a Buyer?

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Let me start by saying the buyer does not pay for any of our services. We are paid by the seller.

    First, we discuss what you want:

  • number of bedrooms
  • number of bathrooms
  • square footage
  • price range
  • neighborhood

Then we set up your own personal plan for searching to help you view all the houses that match your criteria. This plan is then forwarded to you by email for you to consider; if you would like to see something, just call, email, or text me to set up an appointment. Our software will probably provide more precise search results than other popular public websites.

Next, we want you to be preapproved for a loan. In the current market, you cannot submit an offer without a preapproval attached.

Once we have the preapproval in hand, we drive around and look at houses. Most buyers’ agents think this service is their entire job; for us, it is actually the smallest part.

Once you find a house that interests you, we do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis). We search public tax records for everything that has sold in that neighborhood in the past year, everything that is now on the market or pending, and create a report that will give us detailed information of what would be the most reasonable price to offer.

Then we write the contract on your behalf and negotiate a price. We can use a great variety of contingencies, clauses, and different subtle ways to protect you.

Once the offer is accepted, the real fun begins. Normally, a period of 30-90 days is required from the time you write a contract until the day you can actually close on a house. During that time, we work with the Mortgage Lender, the Title Company, the Home Inspector, the Seller’s Agent, and also arrange for termite reports and get in touch with contractors for any repairs that might be needed. We are in constant communication with all of them to make sure escrow closes as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress for you.

This process is arguably the most important part of our job-coordinating with all these different people involved in one transaction with one exact closing date. With your best interests always in mind, however, we focus on providing you with outstanding service, and at closing we will have all the necessary paperwork together that you need to sign. That’s it! You can then take possession of your new home!

That is a peek at what is usually involved in a real estate transaction and why you need a real estate agent to represent you during the entire process-someone who cares about you and wants you to be completely satisfied with the result. Team Sherman Homes is always on your side, and you can trust us to represent you in the best possible way.

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